The Pink Bow was created to fill an essential void in breast cancer awareness. For decades women and their families have sacrificed time, money, and emotion to contribute to organizations, early detection, and causes which claim to only have women’s interests first. What do we have after all these years but an increase in breast cancer, a transfer of wealth from concerned and caring individuals to the pockets of the medical community and pharmaceutical companies, plus an ever diminishing hope for a cure.

Because the only sure cure is through prevention, The Pink Bow emphasizes education for women of all ages. The Pink Bow bases its easy, everyday preventative practices on years of medical studies and research, not unsubstantiated medical claims. The medical evidence is thermographic images that individuals can easily see with their own eyes, not arbitrary numbers and graphs. Thermographic evidence delivers visual confirmation to physicians, but more importantly to women, and the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of treatments and lifestyle practices. Seeing is believing. Breast thermography offers women an incredible opportunity to see for themselves who they are and that they need no longer be defined by numbers and graphs.

The Pink Bow seeks to save women and their families by empowering them with simple, yet invaluable knowledge that they can implement in the comfort and convenience of their own homes.

Education - To promote truth – knowledge is power.
To provide a free, powerful educational documentary based on medical evidence, statistics and facts to all who are interested.

Research - To reveal truth – truth is priceless.
To perform unbiased, clinical studies on common and popular food products, household products, skincare and body products, supplements and vitamins, and especially “women’s health” products by analyzing any increased breast cancer risk with results available to the consumer.

By informing the public that many breast health practices are based on erroneous medical claims, we can, and we will prevent future generations from the disastrous results that stole so many grandmothers, mothers, and daughters from their loving families.

Instead of walking for a cure… Let's march into this revolution! Enlist today!

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Wendy Sellens L.Ac. WABT-BTI Author, Breast Cancer Boot Camp, Co-founder of Pink Image, The Woman’s Academy of Breast Thermography and The Pink Bow.

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